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It is 2019. Can you still justify DevOps engineers?

The first-ever DevOps design sprint is here – created by DevOps engineers for development teams. Empower your developers and deploy flexible Kubernetes infrastructure in just 1 week.

DevOps Delivered was a huge success for us at a critical time. I would encourage teams struggling with limiting, complicated infrastructure to collaborate with Otter Networks in finding more efficient, long-term development solutions.

Sascha Jonas, CEO/CTO @REPAYME

It was impressive how quickly things got moving with Otter. Overall, we were really happy with that process. It’s likely that we’d reengage with Otter Networks in the future.

Greg Lind, CTO @Humanitec

Why choose us?

The problem: Your DevOps model is broken

DevOps engineers are expensive, often delivering inflexible black boxes that lock your team into costly cloud providers. As a result, your developers lack true ownership of their infrastructure and work. You pay an engineer’s salary, but are still left with complexity and uncertainty.

Devops engineers are draining your recources. But they’re also not your only option.

Our solution: A state-of-the-art design sprint with a big impact

We pair with your developers to deploy a flexible CI/CD system built around Kubernetes. Your developers learn by doing, so they can own and control their brand new infrastructure. In one week, we help you eliminate your team’s dependency on DevOps engineers.

Get better, more sustainable infrastructure in a week than you would in 6 months with a DevOps engineer.

Also: Powerful technologies and ongoing support

Our syllabus-driven training approach gives your developers first-hand knowledge and deploys the latest technologies into your infrastructure. In case of snags down the road, we include one year of support via Slack.

Unclutter your system and put the power back into the hands of your developers.

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