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It’s 2018. Can you still justify DevOps engineers?

Otter pairs with your developers to reengineer your CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes. In a one-week design sprint, we put the knowledge and control back in the hands of your development team.

Reduced costs. Better infrastructure.
No DevOps strings attached.

What we do

1. Closing the gap

DevOps can empower teams. But the engineer-based model is broken: slowly creating complex, inflexible infrastructures that lock you into your cloud provider, and are expensive to use and maintain. We call this “The DevOps Gap”.

We’re closing the gap.

2. Design sprints

Design sprints to transform your infrastructure.

Over a 1 week design sprint, we pair with your developers to deploy a proven DevOps infrastructure solution: CI / CD system, integrated with Git and Kubernetes, and including Review Apps.

We quickly upskill your team and engineer ourselves out of the process: leaving you with a powerful, flexible infrastructure which is fully understood and owned by your developers - and no ongoing reliance on a DevOps engineer.

3. How it works

We'll take half a day to confirm the viability of our solutions, and meet your lead developers.

We will provide key training materials to upskill your lead developers in preparation for the sprint.

We'll collaborate with your lead developers to customise and deploy our solution.

In case of snags, one year's Slack support included in the deployment fee.

4. What you get

Work with Otter, without changing a thing.

What they say

“DevOps Delivered was a huge success for us at a critical time. I would encourage teams struggling with limiting, complicated infrastructure to collaborate with Otter Networks in finding more efficient, long-term development solutions.”

Sascha Jonas

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