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By Andrew Holway - Otter Networks Founder - 1st February 2019

Welcoming the Post-DevOps Era: Codefresh and Otter Networks Announce Partnership

Two startups are coming together to introduce the ultimate toolkit for developer empowerment.

Welcoming the Post-DevOps Era

Change is afoot for development teams. With the advent of directly consumable cloud services and infrastructure such as Kubernetes, DevOps engineers no longer serve teams in the way they once did.

Developers are now able to control and manage infrastructure using a combination of educational sprints, automated toolkits and productivity techniques to aid in efficient deployment.

Otter Networks, whose first-ever DevOps skill sprints utilize pair programming methods to teach developers as they build flexible infrastructure, is partnering with Codefresh – the first Kubernetes-powered CI/CD platform for container delivery. The result is the first major step in a shift towards maximum autonomy and delivery capabilities for development teams.

Andrew Holway, CEO and Founder of Otter Networks, commented on the partnership, saying:

“Codefresh embodies the spirit of Productivity Engineering, which means they engineer their product specifically for developers. Their features directly support developer workflow with excellent UI design. Codefresh integrates directly with cloud providers so that developers don’t have to worry about secret rotation. It also integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes, allowing for complex deployment strategies without difficult-to-maintain shell scripts.”

Education and automated tools are two of the most important components of creating efficient development teams. Codefresh and Otter Networks are helping to initiate the new wave of efficient deployment.

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